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Can the “Fast Track” Green Card Help Solve the Nursing Shortage?

The Nurse Journal recently published an article on the shortage of nurses in the United States. The article utilizes the Bureau of Health Workforce database to demonstrate a present and significant nursing shortage on a national scale.  As we all know from experience, nurses are responsible for promoting health, advocating for patients, and advancing the science of care.


Now more than ever, the global community recognizes the importance of nurses, and the United States must quickly address this increasing gap of critical lifesaving services.  What most employers in the health care industry may not know is that they can hire qualified and talented nurses from outside of the United States to fill their needs. Nurses are eligible to apply for a Schedule A Green Card, which is a “fast track” process, to permanently come to and work in the United States.

Why are green cards for nurses accelerated compared to other occupations?  Because of the need.  The Department of Labor determines that certain occupations of importance with significant personnel needs may qualify for Schedule A “fast track” treatment.  Typically, employers must first seek U.S. Department of Labor approval and take the necessary step to prove that there are no willing, able, qualified American workers to perform the role before a green card may be issued.

The Giron Kirby Law Group has successfully obtained “fast tracked” green cards for qualified, foreign nurses. To qualify, the applicant must have a degree in nursing, verification of NCLEX, documented proficiency in the English language, and a job offer from a U.S. employer.

If you are a foreign nurse and qualify, the Giron Kirby law group can guide you and your employer through the process to facilitate a successful transfer to the United States. For more information, please contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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